Monday, December 7, 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Camille Celine Fionda is here!

I just got home from the hospital last night and today was my first day with a little free time to write and update you all. So my birth story goes like this. As you all know my water broke on Thursday morning at 7am. I got up from the bed and felt like I am peeing on myself and ran to the bathroom. I called my husband and he came home from work and took me to my OB at 10 am. My OB did the strip test for amniotic fluid and it came back negative. I felt like a fool but I knew that something was going on because I was starting to have contractions. Anyway, my OB decided to check my anyway and when he did my water broke all over him and the table!! So, he sent me strait to the hospital. We got there at 1015 and waited almost an hour in the waiting room because of the stupid security guard. When the nurse came to find me and i explained to her what was going on she just kept apologizing. Once I got into the L&D room they check me and I was only a finger tip dilated. They started high doses of pitocin right away and by 4pm I was contracting every minute. I couldn't take the pain anymore and asked for an epidural which I had to wait for because I was the 4th women to ask. There were 45 babies born that day so there were lots of moms asking for pain medication. Anyway, with my sever anxiety and claustrophobia I absolutely hated be confined to the bed and was not able to relax or get any sleep. Thank God my sister and husband were there to keep my mind occupied. So, I was in labor for 23 hours, every time they check me I only dilated a half centimeter. By the time 5 am rolled around they decided to do a c-section. This was my biggest fear and when I got the news I cried like a baby and refused to go into surgery. I obviously lost that battle, but amazingly once I got into the OR I calmed down, they moved me to the table and she was born with in minutes. I've never felt so calm. She was born 6:10am Friday the 13th weighting 7 pounds 10 ounces and 20.5 inches long. She looks like me when I was first born. She ended up getting jaundice on Saturday and had to spend 24 hours in then nursery and on Sunday they found a heart murmur so she had a ekg and sonogram of her heart. Turns out she has a little hole but Dr.'s believe that it will correct itself. We came home from the hospital last night and today was my first day with her and I can not get enough of her. She is perfect, I have never been so much in love!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Two and a half weeks to go!!!

I am sitting at work in extreme pain hoping that writing on my blog will help keep my mind off of it. For the last two days I have had terrible back pain, I think I have a pinched nerve or something because the pain is in the same little spot and it feels like someone is holding a knife to it. I had a massage yesterday which was wonderful but it still didn't help. I took a bath and had my husband rub my back until his hand went numb but nothing seems to help. Sitting in these uncomfortable chairs a work definglity does not help. Thankfully I only have three more working days left and 2 and a half weeks before my dues date.
So, I really have a feeling that this baby is not coming anytime soon. Last week we met with DR. Gallo. He checked me and I was not dialated, not effaced and he said the babys head was down but it was up in Canada. This week Dr. Gallo is in Boca on vacation, lucky him, so we only saw the ultrasound technition. My husband was not able to make it so my mom came along and I am so glad she did. The baby's head is down but still not in the pelvis. We were able to see chubby cheeks and a round face. The baby was sucking on its thumb and the rest of the fingers were resting on its nose. We saw cute fat stubby fingers like mommys and a big belly!!! According to the ulrasound machine the baby is weight in at 7 pounds 11 ounces. I gues this is going to be a eight pound baby. I need to find out Carters return policy. I bought newborn clothes but they only fit up to 8 pounds. I guess I am going to have to return them. The babys heartbeat was 164. My mother in law is obsessed with the heartbeat. She thinks that she can tell the sex by how fast the heartbeat is. I know that is a myth but I humor her anyway. I have gained a totlay of 28 pounds and my blood pressure has been perfect. Except for having to stick a needle in my stomach every day, this pregnancy has been perfect. Last week I went to see Dr. Weintraub the hematologist. He switched me from Lovenox to Heparing. Two needles a day, but now I can go into labor on my own. He also told me that I have to go back on the lovenox 24 hours after delivery for a total of 8 weeks. I am not so happy about that but by then I will have my precious baby in my arms so it won't matter so much.
The nursery is finished and I love how it came out. The wall are a little plain so I need to get a few more decorations, but other than that I love it. I furiture is beautiful, the colors are perfect. I will take picutres this weekend and upload them as soon as I can. We installed the car seat last week and my hospital bag is packed. I am ready, I just wish the baby felt the same way!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

34 weeks 4 days.

I can't believe how fast a year goes buy. I remeber Oct. 15 2008 like it was yesterday. It was just a few weeks before that I had learned what Oct. 15 and Rememberane day was. It was the day that I truly realized that I was not alone. The women that I met on babycenter in the second trimester loss board helped me get through some of the tough days, but i didn't realize how many women there were out in the world that have suffered a loss. Oct. 15, 2008 I lit my canle at 7pm and cried the night away. This year, Oct. 15 was a little different. I am 34 weeks pregnant and I had an OB appointent at 6:30pm. We waited almost an hour to see the OB. By the time we got out of there we were starvng and went for chinese food. Needless to say I never go the chance to light my candle at 7pm, but I will be lighing it all weekend. The whole day was bitter sweet. I thought about the baby I lost while feeling the baby inside me kick and squirm. I don't get sad any more. I find it hard to be sad when I have so much to greatful for. My OB appointment went well. The baby is measuring a week a head. Dr. said this is a perfect pregnancy. I didn't gain any more weight, blood pressure and urine are perfect. I feel great, sleep well, and are still very comfortable. My husband is amazing, my parents and sister are excited, my friends and coworkers have been extrememly supportive, the women on the ttc after a second trimester loss board are amazing..... Life right now almost seems perfect. I just hope it lasts!
So anyway. Last year we went to the feast of St. Gerard the weekend of Oct. 15th. the feast was wonderful. There were many Italian women, pregnant or trying to conceive all praying for their rainbow baby. It was very sad to see but at the same time I felt a sense of belonging and joy. I knew that if I prayed to St. Gerard long and hard enought that he would make sure that this baby makes it. I truly bleive he is the reason why I have made it to 34 weeks. I can not wait to go to the feast tomorrow and pay my respects. I will be there rain or shine. I plan to donate a large sum of money to St, Lucys church in Newark, NJ. I also plan to light candles for all the women I know who are trying to have their rainbow babies and for the women on babycenter who I have come to love. I am also secretly looking forward to eating an Italian hotdog...yummy!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Me and my sister

I decided to ask my sister to be in the Labor and Devivery room with me. I know my husband will be a great support for me, but I just feel like he is going to need some support and my sister is the best person to do that.

Me at 33 weeks!